About us

CATANOSTRUM was born with the desire to satisfy the need of supplying all our clients with 100% natural, local, high quality and local products.

A product of the land, handmade, 100% natural and suitable for the whole family !!

CATANOSTRUM has established itself in the artisan food markets and fairs that take place throughout the week from Monday to Sunday in different places and villages in our area. And now it also puts at the disposal of its clients, a fixed establishment of sale to the public and sale on-line.

CATANOSTRUM and our collaborators are small producers, farmers, beekeepers, farmers, artisans, all of us who love of our trade and the tradition of the know-how of our ancestors, a culture and tradition that has been transmitted from generation to generation, from parents to children .

A way of doing that wants to survive and move away from large industrial productions with the production of 100% natural, artisan products, of quality and in limited production that respects the environment and the natural cycles of the earth.

CATANOSTRUM's mission is to serve and deliver a product to the client's home under the same conditions as the store in the shortest possible time.

A product of the earth, of excellent quality, 100% natural and artisan. No additives, transgenic or pesticides.

A good and healthy product, ideal for the whole family!

Thanks for trusting us !!


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